Irish Times Newspaper Features LifeRing

The Irish Times, one of the leading newspapers in the Republic of Ireland, is carrying a feature story on LifeRing’s efforts in that country and on the work of Dennis Stefan, founder of LifeRing Ireland. The story, which can be seen by clicking here, is headlined “Grouping up to defeat addiction.” It outlines the LifeRing philosophy, including the effort to strengthen the sober self and shrink the addicted self. It also touches on the 3-S idea of Sobriety, Secularity and Self-help. The article describes how Dennis started the first Irish LifeRing meeting in his home in 2009. There are now five meetings in Dublin and two in Belfast, with more to come.

Dennis is quoted as saying: “It’s up to each individual to create their own personal recovery plan and the meetings are used as an opportunity to modify that plan, talk to others, and to get and give advice. We believe that the power is within ourselves to control our use of drink, drugs or whatever we are addicted to and it’s our choice whether to use or not to use today.” The story features two very nice pictures, one of Dennis and one of a LifeRing meeting.

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