We’re excited to share some of the awesome things that have been happening since the LifeRing Fall 2021 Newsletter. All this is made possible by our tireless convenors, regional representatives, and our generous donors.

Thanks to one-time and recurring donations, we were able to successfully reach our fundraising goal for the year. This makes it possible to focus our attention to what LifeRing does best: Supporting people searching for substance use recovery.

Keep reading for 2021 highlights and our projections for 2022. We think you'll be excited, too!



LifeRing Colorado women celebrating reopening of in-person meetings


Colorado is Back on the Map!
In-person Meetings Make a Comeback

LifeRing Colorado is reopening in-person meetings with a healthy mix of caution and enthusiasm. LifeRing is offering 5 in-person meetings with another 4 on the way. Fancy a little human contact? Come on over to Colorful Colorado …

Rocky Mountain Reading

LifeRing eGroup sign next to a computer reading: You Got This!


Move Over, Zoom!
eGroup Support Alternatives

Are you uncomfortable with in-person or Zoom Meetings? Maybe you’re shy or self-conscious or lack the time or patience for scheduled meetings. You may want to give some thought to joining a LifeRing eGroup…

Read Craig's Story

LifeRing offers focus meetings for people in recovery who face additional challenge. Image of jigsaw puzzle to show how we can help people in recovery become whole.


Recovery +1:  LifeRing Focus Meetings
Trending:  Special Focus Support Meetings

We’re super excited about the recent growth of LifeRing focus meetings. Have a look at this group of meetings for people in recovery who face additional challenges…

Focus Group Roundup


What Did You Do for the Holidays?
LifeRing Open-Door Holiday Gatherings

LifeRing hosted our first online Holiday Gatherings to support folks during the tough days. These gatherings were open to the public and offered holiday gatherers a safe, sober place to land during the Season of Triggers...

Thanksgiving and  Winter Holidays


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