LifeRing Candidates, Members Invited to Share Views

A page on this website has been created for candidates and members to give their view on the upcoming election for three Board Of Director seats. It is hoped that each candidate will submit a comment on that page giving what they consider their qualifications and relevant experience, or anything else they consider appropriate. And all members are invited to give their views and preferences. It is hoped that a degree of civility will be maintained.

So far, there are five announced candidates for the three open positions. Unofficially (the list of candidates could change before it is firmly set), the candidates are, in alphabetical order: Mahala K., Jeff K., Joe M., Bob O., and Tim R. Board members usually use their full names in public, but candidates are not required to do so. If candidates would like a snapshot to accompany their initial introduction, that can be arranged (I think).

So all are urged to check LifeRing Election Central to read about the candidates

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  1. Poor Richard on April 23, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    LifeRing has provided an online forum for all BOD candidates to post statements and positions. Four of the five candidates have chosen to post thoughtful and insightful statements for all to see. One candidate has chosen to not post a statement. The one candidate who has chosen to not post their own statement, has chosen to post questions and opinions on other candidates’ posts.

    Is it fair that one candidate refuses to post positions or statements other than as a reaction or endorsement to opponent’s statements? Is it fair that other candidates expose themselves to sniping by one candidate who refuses to post?

    It is fair to ask all candidates pointed questions. What are your goals for LifeRing? Where do you see LifeRing in the future? What specific accomplishments within LifeRing qualify you for a Board position?
    It is not fair for one candidate to post on others’ statements while refusing to post their own statement. What are the specific goals of this candidate? Where does this candidate see LifeRing in the future? Why are you posting attacks on others’ statements when you do not allow others to post questions to a statement of your own.

    Poor Richard