LifeRing Thanksgiving All-Day Open Door Invitation 2021

LifeRing Colorado is Back on the Map!

LifeRing Colorado is reopening in-person meetings. This image of a cup of coffee filled with snow is cute.


This winter, Colorado has been busy at work opening old and new in-person meetings. This is exciting news and we hope it’s a forecast for in-person meetings opening across the country. 

LifeRing in Colorado is adapting to the circumstances brought on by Covid. We have five in-person meetings and fourteen online meetings. There are plans for four new in-person meetings, one in the Limon Correctional Facility in Limon, Colorado.

Our convenors continue to meet quarterly and we have maintained our weekly in-person coffee group on Saturday mornings.

Our Sunday morning in-person meeting in downtown Denver still attracts ten to twelve participants and meets in a nearby cafe after the meeting. If you visit Colorado, there will be plenty of LifeRingers to welcome you!



Did you know there are region-specific LifeRing Secular Recovery websites?


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– Copy Credit:  Kathleen G.