LifeRing Online Focus Meetings

LifeRing Focus meetings bring together specific communities of individuals with commonalities that may not be adequately represented in LifeRing general meetings. Click on the titles below for more information about these unique meetings. Times and meeting links for LifeRing Focus meetings are listed on the Online Meeting Schedule.

LifeRing Caregivers Meeting image -- Elderly hand held by young handCaregivers in Recovery
There is a tremendous need out there for people who need an empathetic ear to hear their voice. The goal I have for this meeting is to help those of us who are caregivers remain in active recovery (and sober) while doing one of the most difficult jobs there is: caring for loved ones who are elderly, mentally disabled, physically disabled, dying, any caregiving really. Sharing each other’s stories can give hope and tools for our everyday This meeting will be mostly geared towards those of us who are dealing with family members, i.e. elderly parents, but all are welcome.

Puzzle pieces representing LifeRing Meetings for Co-Occurring Disorders

Co-occurring Disorders
The Co-occurring Disorders meetings are LifeRing focus meetings built on the HWYW platform and tailored to people in recovery with co-occurring disorders including alcohol and other substance disorders and mental and emotional health issues. These meetings are limited to those diagnosed with co-occurring disorders and frequently require cameras to remain on throughout the meeting.

Disaddicted | Recovery for people in the disabled communityImage of man enjoying LifeRing recovery meeting for those with diabilities.
Disaddicted is a meeting available to those who have a disability. Some people with disabilities use substances as a coping mechanism to live with a condition Those with disabilities now have a meeting they have a home where they can discuss our intersectional struggles, or vent to people who understand. The online format of this focus meeting supports LifeRing members of the disabled community who may have difficult attending in-person recovery meetings.



Family & Friends | Introduction to LifeRing
The Family & Friends Introduction to LifeRing meeting is open to LifeRing friends and family and to people curious about LifeRing Secular Recovery. This monthly focus meeting opens with a presentation about LifeRing’s 3-S philosophy and principals the personal recovery plan process, LifeRing meeting formats, and accessing additional information about LifeRing.  Following the presentation, the meeting is open for questions and discussions

Friends & Family Weekly Meeting
The weekly Family & Friends meeting centers on family and friends who care about someone in substance use recovery.  This meeting is built on the LifeRing “How Was Your Week?” check-in format and follows the principles of all LifeRing meetings:  We welcome people who are looking for a safe, nonjudgmental space to express themselves and explore their support objectives. We treat everyone with respect and everything shared is confidential. It will be determined by the core group if these meetings may also include those in recovery.

LGBTQIA+ and Friends — Come Out and Recover
LGBTQIA+ & Friends — Come Out and Recover offers a safe space for those with varying sexual and/or gender identities to be witnessed, heard, and accepted by a community of supportive and diverse individuals in recovery. This weekly meeting is open to everyone who is a part of or who wants to support this amazing community. Since our first LifeRing LGBTQIA+ focus meeting on Sunday, February 28th, 2021 — LifeRing has added two new LGBT+ meetings throughout the week. To see current LifeRing LGBTQIA+ focus meetings, please click on the LifeRing Online Meetings Page | Focus Meetings Breakout Menu link at the bottom of the weekly meetings schedule.


The Liver Spot
The Liver Spot is a LifeRing focus meeting built on the “How Was Your Week” (HWYW) format and tailored to folks who are experiencing health issues resulting from substance use disorders. The Liver Spot weekly meeting is not limited to those with medical conditions—this meeting is open to all. For additional information about this dynamic and deeply-supportive meeting, please see The Liver Spot Report.


Men in Recovery
The LifeRing Men in Recovery focus meeting invites all those who define themselves as men to come and support each other in recovery. To explore our unique weaknesses, and our unique strengths. To see sobriety through the lens of expectations that have been placed on us as fathers, sons, poets, warriors, husbands, businessmen, caregivers, athletes, etc.


Tape measure ribbon symbol for LifeRing Eating Disorders MeetingRecovery and Mindful Eating.
Recovery and Mindful Eating is LifeRing’s first focus meeting for people who also struggle with eating disorders. This goal-motivated meeting offers people a safe place to come and share their recovery from drugs and alcohol and share their struggles with food. Focus is on Overcoming Binge Eating and this meeting is open to all.


Sober After Sixty-Something (SASS)Man with coffee cup representing LifeRing Sober After Sixty Meeting
Sober After Sixty-Something is a focus meeting for people over 60 who want to share the challenges and victories unique to their age group. The primary goal of this meeting is to help older adults get excited about this phase of their lives in sobriety and recovery through the introduction of discussion topics. This meeting is open to all.

Mexican Flag representing LifeRing Spanish Language MeetingsSpanish-Speakers
¡La vida sobria!
(the sober life) is a focus meeting that provides Spanish-speakers in the LifeRing community an additional space to talk about their week in recovery and to give and receive support in their native language. This focus meeting addresses and accommodates the specific cultural and linguistic needs that are unique to the Latin American population, regardless of current geographical location. This meeting is open to any Spanish-speakers seeking recovery support.



Veterans symbol representing LifeRing Veterans meetingsVeterans in Recovery
LifeRing is proud to offer a variety of focus meeting for Veterans in Recovery. These meetings provides a safe space for veterans, active personnel and allies to explore their own recovery pathways in a setting with others with similar living experiences. To see current LifeRing Veterans focus meetings, please click on the LifeRing Online Meetings Page | Focus Meetings Breakout Menu link at the bottom of the weekly meetings schedule.


Letter W with hand reaching to help LifeRing Women in RecoveryWomen in Recovery
LifeRing Women in Recovery meetings explore the world of sobriety within a community of supportive women- identifying persons.