LifeRing Officers Re-elected Unanimously by Board; New Office Added

The LifeRing Board of Directors met on July 14 , 2013, and held elections for officers to serve for the next year. The existing officers were all unanimously re-elected to continue in their roles, with Tim Reith as Secretary, Carola Ziermann as Treasurer, Craig Whalley as Chairman and Robert Stump as Executive Director. The Board voted to create a new position — Deputy Executive Director — and elected Mahala Kephart, a new member of the Board, to fill that role. Stump, the current Executive Director, is not a member of the Board — LifeRing officers need not be Directors — but the others are all members.

The meeting also brought the final certification of the recent election of four members of the Board, including Kephart and Reith along with Joe Mott, who won re-election to his seat, and Jeff Koch, who is new to the Board.

In addition, the board discussed the framework for a Strategic Plan, and agreed on the need to identify a pool of members who can be tapped for specific tasks that arise on occasion, often exceeding the time, energy and skills of board members.