LifeRing Basics


What is LifeRing?
Who runs LifeRing?
If I attend LifeRing, can I also go to AA/NA?

For answers to these burning questions and more, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.

The "3-S" Philosophy

“3-S” is short-hand for the fundamental principles of LifeRing:  Sobriety, Secularity, and Self-Help. Learn more here.

The “A” and the “S” Conflict

Imagine that inside of each person who is struggling with drug/alcohol issues, there is the “A” (the addict self) and the “S” (the sober self). Click here for more information.


Success Stories

Inspire others. Share your LifeRing Success Story. Take hope, comfort, and inspiration from all of them. If you would like to share your story, read some of the stories here.

If this is Day One

If this is Day One for you  - or if Day One is in your near future - you may want to know what to expect if you choose to get clean and sober the LifeRing way. Check it out here.

Recovery Toolbox

There are as many different ways to get clean and sober as there are alcoholics and addicts. Check out the LifeRing Recovery Toolbox for tips and ideas to maintain long term recovery,

Outside Recovery Articles

PDF articles that address different domains of our recovery journey Click here to see the articles.