LifeRing Morning Meeting Members Come to San Francisco!

LifeRing Secular Recovery 2021 Summer Meet Up in San Francisco

The LifeRing 2021 Summer Meet Up in San Francisco.
More photos capturing the event can be found here.

On Saturday, July 10th, LifeRing had its first quarterly in-person get together since the start of Covid.  LifeRingers from across the state gathered to welcome and honor convenor Michele K. during her visit from Ohio to the famed "coldest winter" city. Fortunately, the weather at the San Francisco Ferry Building was kind and the microclimate that Saturday was GORGEOUS. About thirty LifeRingers and their friends & family attended, and all thirty thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was a great event, and definitely worth repeating.

The unseasonably sunny day provided the backdrop for a lovely picnic atmosphere where people shared blankets, lounged in long-lugged lawn chairs and shared tasty homemade treats with old friends newly met in person.

Transforming Zoom into reality was fun and informative: many of us are only twelve inches tall, except Rick who has seriously understated his height. Michele received a hug from her "virtual friends" for every mile she traveled from Ohio.

Hugs were a big hit at the LifeRing Secular Recovery in San Francisco

Hugs were a big hit at the LifeRing 2021 Summer Meet Up

The Saturday afternoon event was summarized by Michele:

I had been looking forward to the 'ringunion” in San Francisco for three months. I couldn’t wait to see the people that supported my sobriety throughout COVID and I travelled 2000 miles to meet them. ... I came away feeling that I wanted to become a better person and work a better recovery program.

Reliable sources suggest that LifeRing will be hosting a 2021 Fall RingUnion. Information about the next meetup can be found here or you can reach out to our LifeRing Reunion Committee Coordinator Mark F.. People interested in joining the LifeRing Reunion Committee are encouraged to sign up as volunteers.

It was great seeing everyone and we hope to see more everyones on October 9th.

See You This Fall!