LifeRing’s Annual Meeting Coming to Denver Soon

The 2013 LifeRing Annual Meeting will take place next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 31, June 1 and 2, in Denver, CO. Friday will primarily be devoted to talk of strengthening the organization, with presentations by LifeRing’s Executive Director Robert Stump on “organic growth,” a lunch session led my Secretary Tim Reith and Board candidate Mahala Kephart on strategic planning, and a convenor training workshop led by Board member Dru Boyd. Saturday features a talk by noted author Gabor Mate, co-sponsored by LifeRing and the Love and Trauma Center of Denver. There will also be presentations by Denver author Candice Shelby (‘Addiction: Beyond Choice or Disease’), and a panel discussion including representatives of LifeRing, SMART Recovery and Women For Sobriety.

Saturday evening will be the annual Banquet, and Sunday morning brings the LifeRing Congress, which is the ultimate governing body of LifeRing. At that meeting, bylaw amendments will be considered, plus suggested “directives” to the Board (rather like voter initiatives in State elections). New Board members will be nominated at the Congress but, assuming it passes, a bylaw change to allow absentee voting will push the elections for the Board to the Congress delegates voting by mail (mostly email), including those not in Denver.

As always at these annual gatherings, much of the benefit is the pleasure derived from meeting with people from all over who share the LifeRing recovery experience.

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  1. Bob Moyers on May 29, 2013 at 10:11 am

    What time will the Friday afternoon session start? Also, I am not clear where the conference is taking place. The same location all 3 days? The Capitol Hill Community Center? Where is it?