Information on starting a LifeRing meeting

Generally, anyone in recovery from substances addiction, who is familiar with the LifeRing philosophy and has at least six months’ continuous sobriety can be a LifeRing convenor. People may, however, become convenors earlier. Occasionally, treatment professionals with no personal recovery history start meetings, but the aim is to transition meeting convenorship to a person in recovery as soon as possible.

Best Practices

  • Find a meeting location and select a regular timeslot.
  • Invite your friends in recovery and other local peers to attend the meeting.
  • Email the LifeRing Service Center at service@lifering.org to introduce yourself, get your new meeting listed in our directory, and to receive your LifeRing Meeting Charter
  • Review our How Was Your Week book. It offers a great overview of both the LifeRing organization and the role of the convenor. There’s also a free PDF version available of an older edition.
  • Join the LifeRing Convenors’ Email Group. A great place to ask questions and to learn best practices from our international convenor community.
  • Get the newsletter, blog posts, and general LifeRing announcements by email, please click here.
  • Request a specially priced Starter Kit for your meeting. Please see this link.

… that’s it!

Other important LifeRing documents you might need for starting a LifeRing meeting:


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