New Edition of Recovery by Choice Workbook

After a great deal of work by its author, Martin Nicolaus, LifeRing is pleased to announce the release of the new 4th edition of “Recovery by Choice: Living and Enjoying Life Free of Alcohol and Other Drugs — a Workbook.” The book is available at the LifeRing store by clicking here.

The new edition moves further away from what the author describes as the “conventional literary divisions called … chapters.” Instead, the Workbook is divided into “domains,” a change which “highlights the three-dimensional framework of the recovery process.” This points up the fact that the Workbook does not have a traditional beginning or end, beyond the introductory remarks. Instead, the user can delve into the domains in any order desired. Whether it’s “My Body” or “My Feelings” or “My Life Style”, readers can deal with the issues that are most urgent to them.

The changes in labeling, while important, do nothing to “diminish the choice-based structure of the work” as it has existed in earlier editions. Nicolaus writes in the Preface to the new edition: “People in this book remain individuals, not widgets. People can still start anywhere they choose, and they can enter and leave the domains in any order that works for them. They can determine which domains apply to them deeply, or only somewhat, or not at all.”

Among the changes made for the new edition are additions to the First Domain (My Body), along with updating of other sections; rewriting most of the Third Domain (My Activities) and reorganizing the ending of the Seventh Domain (My History). Numerous other small changes were made throughout the book. The book has grown a bit in length (310 pages) and in price ($25).

The Workbook, as it’s commonly called within LifeRing, has played a key role in the recovery of untold numbers of people suffering from addiction. Working on it alone, or in group meetings dedicated to its study, its detailed lists of questions probe deeply into the users life, bringing to light issues that are unique to each individual and play a key role in the addiction process. Over the years it has garnered plaudits from many, many users, who say things like “The workbook really has made me re-evaluate my life and helped me through some tough times …” (N.D.) and “I’ve got to say I love this book. I wish I had done this when I first got sober, the questions make me think, think, think! (J.H.)


  1. Bob O on May 4, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    Thanks Craig
    I have 4 of the 3rd edition books, I plan to give them away and buy 4 more of the new book. Does LifeRing pay royalties on the Work Book??

    • Craig W on May 6, 2011 at 8:05 pm

      Hi, Bob. We do pay royalties, well earned by the author.