New LifeRing E-mail Group for Scandinavians

LSR-Scandinavia has been created for the growing number of LifeRing members living in the Scandinavian countries — Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Others in the region, including Iceland where LifeRing has a presence,  are welcome as are Scandinavians living abroad. The new e-mail group will function in the same way as other LifeRing e-mail groups: messages sent to the group address go to everybody in the group in their regular e-mailbox, as do replies to those e-mails. E-mail groups are a great way for people with a common interest to stay in touch, support one another and gain insights and information. To join the group, click HERE

There already is a Swedish-language on-line ‘chat’ meeting on Sundays at 0900 GMT. And incidentally, there is also a chat room set aside for Canadians and for LifeRing Canada. See for details about all chat rooms and meetings.