New Meeting in Wylie, TX

Wednesday July 14 is the start date for a new LifeRing in Wylie, Texas, its founding convenor Frank V. has announced. The meeting starts at 5:30 pm at the office of Hill Country Window Films, 2819 W. FM 544 Wylie, TX 75098. Click for map.   Wylie is a northeastern suburb of Dallas.  For more information contact Frank by email or at (972) 442-9959.

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  1. SocraticGadfly on July 11, 2010 at 11:36 am

    Interesting. Just curious, having formerly been in Dallas; are the two current meetings doing so well Frank felt the need for a third? Doing so poorly Frank felt the need to try to start anew? Did the times of them just not fit some people’s needs?