Online and Hybrid Meetings (both F2F and online together)

Chicago, Illinois, US
Thursday 7:00 pm CT (90-minute meeting)
Meeting moved online
For info contact:

Houghton, Michigan
Tuesday 7:00 pm ET
Meeting moved online.
Contact Oren T. for the Zoom meeting link
218 234-2320

Lansing, MI
Hybrid meeting
Lifeboat Network Center
913 W Holmes    Suite 285
Monday 5:30 - 6:30pm ET
Contact Sandy T.  for Zoom Link

Petoskey, Michigan
Wednesday 6:30 pm ET
Meeting moved online.
For info on joining:
contact Matt L

St Paul Minnesota
Monday 6:45 pm CT
Meeting held by conference call.
For info contact Quinn F

Akron, Ohio
Tuesday 7:00 pm ET
Thursday 6:15 pm ET
Saturday 12:00 pm ET
Meetings moved online.
For info contact: Lisa S

Salt Lake City, Utah
Saturday 11:00 am MDT
For info contact Lawrence C.
435 232 2599

Seattle, Washington
Thursday 8:00 pm PT
Meeting moved online.
For info contact

Walla Walla, Washington
Wednesday 7:00pm PT
Meeting moved online.
For info contact

Hartland, Wisconsin
LifeRing/SOS meeting
TUE7:00pm CT
For info contact James H.
262 567 3441