Of Possible Interest: Headspace

So, last week I visited my Shrinky Dink (i.e. psychiatrist) and told her of my intention to spend the next year learning how to think in new, better, and more positive ways, chiefly through the aids of meditation and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). She was extremely encouraging, and made the suggestion that sometimes meditation can be overwhelming to some people (i.e. like me), so it might be wise to dip one’s toe in the meditation pool and then immerse themselves from there.

One tool she thought might be helpful is a website called Headspace, which helps one ease into the practice of learning how to observe one’s mind and gently focus oneself as a means of taking a break not only from the hubbub of general brain activity but also the hecticness of daily life. I decided to give it a try – and thought perhaps some of you might be interested in it as well.

You can either head directly to the website and sign up there or you can download their app on the device of your choice you prefer. The introductory tools and sessions are free – a very good and preferable price!

I downloaded the app on my phone and am now on Day 6 of their introductory “training course”, which consists of taking 10 minutes out of the day to settle down and listen to Andy the narrator-slash-meditation and mindfulness expert walk you through each day in his delightful and calming voice, complete with British accent, and so far so good. 

Hope your New Year is coming along nicely, and wishing you a Happy Tuesday the 13th! 🙂



  1. Bobbi C. on January 14, 2015 at 12:10 pm

    OH, and as a P.S. to my post, I started out yesterday heading straight for becoming defensive over something someone said on Facebook, only to learn later that it was all just a misunderstanding. Fortunately, I was able to restrain myself from putting my foot in my mouth by keeping quiet, but it’s really amazing how automatic my defensiveness really is – I went from 0 to pissed in about a half a second! Yeesh…

  2. Denni on January 14, 2015 at 8:30 am

    Good luck with this one, Bobbi. Not that you asked, but I’m a complete skeptic on meditiation. I’m not even a thougtful skeptic, I just dismiss the notion out of hand. Not sure why, except that my mind is much more noisey than my lips and meditiation sounds too damn hard, besides isn’t it just another term for positive thinking? Maybe I’m really a cynic. See I don’t know aything about it and you may find you can unleash the powers of the universe in your attempt. Anyway, I wish you well. Anybody who has or had any luck with this, please leave a reply. I would love to be convinced there is really something to it. (snciker)

    • Bobbi C. on January 14, 2015 at 12:05 pm

      “…isn’t it just another term for positive thinking? Maybe I’m really a cynic. See I don’t know anything about it and you may find you can unleash the powers of the universe in your attempt.”

      Haha, yeah Dennis I’d say you’re a definite cynic! My impression of what meditation is has less to do with positive thinking and unleashing the powers of the universe and more to do with learning how to slow down enough to watch how your mind works and what your thoughts even are, and then, for a few moments a day, taking a break from all of it so as to get to the core of yourself – and god knows I need all the help with that I can get! 🙂

      It’s also my way of beginning to pinpoint exactly what the thoughts that lead me to all of my dark places are, as the next step in my plan is to begin CBT, which is identifying how your thoughts influence you and learning new ways of how to deal with that rather than just be overwhelmed and negatively affected by them as I have been my whole life – kinda hard to do that if you don’t even know where to begin!

      Truthfully, though, since I’m just getting started with it I can’t say I know all that much about it either, so does anyone out there care to take on Dennis’s challenge and share with us your experiences with meditation – positive or negative?

  3. Kim on January 13, 2015 at 2:47 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing this Bobbi. I too am starting to practice CBT/Meditation techniques 🙂

    • Bobbi C. on January 14, 2015 at 10:25 am

      Hi Kim! I’m so glad to hear from you and that you’re trying some of this stuff, too – would love to hear what you’re using and what you think about it so far.

      In the meantime, take care! 🙂