Report from the LifeRing Office Administrator

LifeRing has only one part-time employee: an office administrator who oversees the flow of book orders, emails, phone calls, etc. Robert Stump took over that job in mid-December and has been trying to systematically carry out his duties. He filed this report, which gives a good peek at what the LifeRing office actually does.

Report from the Service Center

Hi everybody, my name is Robert Stump, and If you haven’t heard, I am the new office administrator at the LifeRing Service Center. I have scheduled myself to be in the office Monday through Thursday in the afternoons from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM and on Fridays from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Craig Whalley, my partner in crime,  is usually at the Service Center for a couple of hours every morning, except on Wednesdays, shipping book orders and doing office stuff. If you’re planning to come down to visit please call first to make sure one of us will be in.

Here is a list of some of the things I been doing here at the Service Center in the first month of the new year:

  • The LifeRing Meeting page at
    • The on-line PDF Meeting Lists are being updated more frequently
    • Meeting locations have been fixed and updated.
    • I have listed the local LifeRing web site when available.
    • The Google meeting map has been fixed and updated to reflect these changes.
    • A new California Meeting Brochure has been created (thanks to Lynn C.) and will be updated and published twice a month.
  •   LifeRing Brochures
    • Lynn C. has redesigned the “Welcome to LifeRing” and “Recovery by Choice” brochures. They are both published on white paper stock.
    • All our other brochures have had a minor update to change the web site wording from to but otherwise will be left as is.
    • These brochures are scheduled to have major rewrites done to them over the next couple of years (again to be done by Lynn C.).
  • Convenor and Meeting updates
    • I am in the process of updating the meetings and convenors information in the POL database.
    • There are currently some meetings where I have outdated contact information and in some cases no contact information at all.
    • I’m not even sure if some meetings that are listed on our web site are in existence anymore.
    • Because of this, I would like all currently active and past convenors, to email the LifeRing Service Center at, call our toll free number 800-811-4142, or write to the Service Center (address is below). Please give me your current contact information including name, email, phone number, and address and the meeting you are currently convening if any (please include the meeting location with a meeting room if needed, time and day of your meeting). This information will be kept private in an encrypted database that only three people have access to.
    • I would also like to encourage individuals who are thinking about convening a meeting or who would like to learn more about running a meeting to send your contact info in to the service center. Even just a name and email/phone number will work. Someone will contact you to see what help or additional information you might need.
  • Improved communication
    • Speaking of the 800 number, in the past it has taken a number of rings to get through to the service center. Most people, I suspect, gave up before getting through. I am changing this and upgrading to AT&T Unified Messaging. The 800 number will be set up to answer in three rings or less by either a representative in the Service Center or the answering service (which we will be checking when we are not in the office). Service should be a lot faster.