Revised Mission Statement Adopted

The LifeRing Board of Directors, at its regular monthly meeting on 9/8/2013, adopted a revised Mission Statement. It’s not a major departure from the older one, but was felt to be more smoothly worded and clearer. The new statement reads as follows:

LifeRing  is  an  abstinence-­‐based,  worldwide  network  of  people  living  in  recovery  from  addiction  to  alcohol  or  to  other,  non-­‐medically  indicated  drugs.    In  LifeRing,  we  offer  each  other  peer-­‐to-­‐peer  support  in  ways  that  encourage  personal  growth  and  continued  learning  through  personal  empowerment.    Our  approach  is  based  on  developing,  refining,  and  sharing  our  own  strategies  for  continued  abstinence  and  crafting  a  rewarding  life  in  recovery.    In  short,  we  are  sober,  secular,  and  self-­‐empowered.

Mission Statements are important for providing a succint  yet broadly descriptive summation of the group’s purpose. It will be useful in future grant applications.