Starting a Meeting

Michael W. wrote an insightful and inspiring note as a comment elsewhere on this website. I thought it was worth featuring:

There once was a time when there were no alternatives where I live in Victoria Canada. I wanted a support group to go to that encapsulated my beliefs and philosophies on live clean and sober and it wasn’t here, so I created the first LifeRing meeting in Victoria on January 30, 2008. Tomorrow night we are about to start the seventh group in this area. The response has been nothing short of fantastic!

Starting a group is not for everyone and I had no idea my life would turn into what it has. With the help of several people who volunteer with LifeRing here in Victoria, we have created a fresh new dynamic to the recovery community here and it is widely supported by addiction professionals. Part of our goal is to build Victoria into a model for other cities in Canada and my vision is to see LifeRing meetings in every major city across this country. I can tell you that it will happen.

If you have it in you to create history within your own community, but more importantly, creating something where you and many other people can achieve meaningful sobriety – start a LifeRing meeting. It is actually quite easy and you will be well supported by the LifeRing Service Centre in Oakland. Grab someone else you know that thinks along your lines of thought on sobriety and start a group.

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  1. James on November 4, 2010 at 11:30 am

    This is encouraging
    I would like to start a meeting in San Luis Obispo CA
    it’s 12 step it or die in this area
    extreme thinking at it’s best