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New Meeting in St. Paul, Alberta Starts This Thursday!


We’ve got a slew of meeting information headed in your direction this, and we’d like to begin by announcing a new meeting in St. Paul, Alberta – the first LifeRing meeting outside of British Columbia! 

Sober for close to two years, Jo started out in AA but has been attending some of our online meetings, and since she has enough people she knows in her local area to start her own face-to-face meeting, she’s decided to give it a try!

The meetings are on Thursday evenings at 7:15 PM – the first one will be this Thursday, February 1st. If you’d like to join in, for more information please call Jo at (780) 991-3285.

We wish Jo and all her meeting members our very best!



This Giving Tuesday, Give the Gift of Choice in Recovery!



Dear LifeRing Friends,

I know there are thousands out there who, like me, are extremely grateful to have found LifeRing and are grateful for the recovery they’ve been able to achieve with LifeRing’s help. Of course, credit for getting and staying sober should go, first off, to ourselves. However, most of us have tried to do it on our own and I know that in my own case, it just didn’t work.

LifeRing is a non-profit 501(c) (3) entity, and donations to it are tax-deductible. Why does LifeRing need money? Because we want to maintain and grow our presence, and we need funds to do it, and just to keep the website running and the books going out and the meetings supported, etc. We have one part-time employee, plus volunteers such as Craig, all our convenors, etc., but we need more.
I intended to single out one individual and tell their story, but I’ve decided to let all of you tell yours, and to make sure that in the process you express your gratitude by supporting LifeRing in continuing to do the good work that has led so many to get on the right path. Even if you’re still struggling, a donation to LifeRing might be a way of committing yourself to remain sober.

I know I mentioned this last year, but think for a minute about how much money you’re saving by remaining sober. It doesn’t matter if you were a daily drinker, or a weekend binge-drinker, or an addict seeking pills or street drugs; let’s face it, it was damned expensive. If you spent any time drinking in bars or in restaurants, with meals, it gets even pricier. I urge everyone to figure out what they spent on their alcohol and drugs, on a monthly basis, multiply times 12, and consider donating even a small fraction of that to LifeRing. Last year, we were able to increase our donations by about $6,000, as we had been stuck at right around $25,000 for a number of years, so that was good. But was it good enough? No, because we had a goal of getting up to around $50,000, which I’m convinced we could easily do if everyone just donated about one eighth of what they’re saving by remaining sober.

I know that not everyone can dig deep, as their pockets aren’t currently very full, but I also know that a lot of us are doing well enough that we can afford to give more. Last year, I doubled my annual donation, and this year I increased it by 25%, to $1250. I estimate this to be about an eighth of what Bobbi and I spent annually on booze.

If I could, I would put all of your faces on this post, along with your stories. I just ask you to consider all the lives that have been saved and transformed by LifeRing, including your own. You all know who you are, and know your own story. Wouldn’t you like to help make this happen for others?

Give the Gift of Choice in Recovery, please. It’s tax-deductible in the U.S., and possibly elsewhere. Nobody is getting rich off your donation, except you! I promise you’ll feel good about yourself and strengthen your sobriety commitment by giving, so please do so now, by clicking on the link: lifering.org/donate/.

Thanks for listening,
Richard Campbell
Fundraising Chair
LifeRing Secular Recovery


New LifeRing Meeting in Huntington Beach, CA Starts Tomorrow!

We’re very pleased to announce that the old, defunct Costa Mesa, California LifeRing meeting is resurfacing in Huntington Beach as the Orange County Lifering meeting, and it starts tomorrow night!

Here’s all the information:

When: Thursdays at 7 PM, beginning tomorrow 10/19!

Where:Huntington Beach Senior Center, Travel  Resources Room, 18041 Goldenwest Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Convenors:  Winsor B and Ginny D

Contact: oclifering@gmail.com

We wish Winsor, Ginny, and all new meeting members our very best!


A Sweet Story: LifeRing ePals

LifeRing ePals is a program where anyone who feels like they’d benefit from one-on-one support is paired with a clean and sober LifeRing member via email.

Longtime LifeRinger Julie H. signed up to become an ePal and was eventually connected with a man from China seeking sobriety support. One might think it impossible to even communicate with someone when there’s a considerable language barrier much less create a supportive connection, but in spite of some challenges they’ve found a way.

Here’s an update Julie originally shared in a LifeRing e-mail group. We thought it was such an inspiration we’re sharing it with you here (with Julie’s permission, of course)…

“A quick update on my Chinese epal. For the newcomers who don’t know, he uses translation software to read and send emails between us. His sober time between relapses has been steadily growing and the length of each relapse is shrinking. 

His pattern before would be 3-5 days or maybe a week sober, followed by a 10 day relapse. He’s back with me today after a 2 day relapse which followed 27 sober days straight. 

It takes amazing determination I think and he’s definitely making steady progress. I’ve managed to find an App for English to Chinese which I sometimes use because he really appreciates that. He tells me Empowering Your Sober Self is now available in China which is awesome. 

By the way, I’m in no way advocating relapse but unfortunately it’s a fact of life. What’s important I think is to keep that pilot light on and to never ever give up. 

Julie H.”

If you’d like to get an ePal or become one, please send an e-mail to Craig at cswhalley@lifering.org and he’ll be glad to get you started.


Fall Fundraiser: Give the Gift of Choice in Recovery!


Dear LifeRing Friends,
North America has recently been hit with a rash of natural disasters. First we had Hurricane Harvey along the Gulf coast near Houston, then Hurricane Irma in South Florida, followed by the earthquake in Mexico, and Hurricane Maria, which has devastated Puerto Rico.
I suspect many (if not most) of us have dug into our pockets and donated to organizations to help those in need, and I urge you to please continue to do so. Bear in mind, however, that there are millions of Americans and perhaps even billions of folks worldwide who are drowning in alcohol or drugs and need a helping hand. There are those who still need to be pulled from the rubble of their lives, as we’ve seen with the earthquake victims in Mexico. And there are those of us who are like the poor folks of Puerto Rico and have seemingly lost power.
In our case we have seemingly lost the power of choice when it comes to using and drinking. Sure, our disasters are of our own making, but we still end up sort of like those folks sitting on a rooftop with flooded streets all around, desperately needing assistance.
LifeRing’s approach resonates with many who have struggled with the traditional 12-step approach to recovery, and there is ample evidence that we save lives. We are trying very hard to grow this organization in order to save even more. We have several hundred active meetings in the U.S., as well as in Canada, Ireland, the U.K., and Sweden, among other countries, but we need more. In order to let more people know about LifeRing, we have to spend money mailing free books and brochures to treatment centers, sending free books out to new meetings to help them get started, and so forth. Last year, we sent a lot of free books to a prison in California, where one enterprising inmate had formed a new LifeRing meeting, and now there are several additional meetings that have formed in the California Correctional System with the help of more free books.
Of course, all of this costs money, which is why we’re reaching out today and having a Fall campaign. Almost all the work that is done for LifeRing is done by volunteers with the exception of one part time administrator, so we are asking you to reach in your pocketbooks and see if there isn’t something you can do, now, to help bring choice in recovery to more people. We know for a fact that there are thousands in recovery right now who have benefited from LifeRing’s approach, and we want to increase that number.  
Some folks tell us that nothing else worked until they found us, read our literature, and attended our online or face-to-face meetings. Had we not diligently made our books and tools available, often for free, there are people alive today who would most certainly would have drowned, or been buried in the rubble, and I suspect that is the case for nearly everyone who will receive this appeal.
Please click on the Donate button below, and give generously. We believe we are very close to a tipping point, because wherever we spread, more and more meetings tend to sprout up. People get sober at such meetings who have failed repeatedly with traditional approaches.
Please, give the gift of choice in recovery!

Richard Campbell, LifeRing Fundraising Chair