Three New Members of LifeRing Board of Directors

At it’s Jan. 12 meeting, the LifeRing Board of Directors accepted the resignation of three of it’s members and elected replacements to serve until the next Annual Meeting, coming this Spring.

The three retiring members — Robert B., Andy R. and Tom J. — have given long and faithful service to LifeRing and will be greatly missed. Robert B., who goes by the nickname ‘Itchy’, was a participant at the founding of LifeRing as an organization. But life intervenes despite the best intentions and the three have found it difficult or impossible to give the time and energy service as a Director requires.

Chosen to fill the seats were Njon W., Tim R. and Steve S., all of whom have been very involved with organizational issues at least since the Denver Annual Meeting in June of 2010, where Tim was elected Secretary, and Njon and Steve became Regional Representatives. Their selection will be voted on by the delegates at the next LifeRing Congress.