Using the LifeRing approach to Quit Smoking and Tobacco; New Meeting

A new LifeRing meeting aimed at supporting people in their effort to quit smoking will start early next month in Oakland.  The meeting will follow the basic LifeRing forquit smokingmat and use sections of the LifeRing Recovery by Choice Workbook.

Anna L. will convene the meeting at the Kaiser Chemical Dependency Recovery Program (CDRP), 969 Broadway, Oakland, CA. The meetings will be weekly on Fridays at 6:30 p.m. starting May 3rd. The meeting location is just a few blocks from the LifeRing Service Center and hosts a number of LifeRing meetings aimed both at those going through the CDRP program and members from outside the CDRP.  The convenor is a veteran of LifeRing meetings in Oakland and San Leandro, CA, and is a former smoker. Contact her at

The LifeRing approach is centered on addicts helping one another by sharing their successes and challenges with others like them. There is no “program” as such, but each member is encouraged to develop their own program — their own lists of things that help and things that hurt. We learn from each other and exchange our thoughts in a sober, adult environment, one ‘sober self’ talking to another ‘sober self.’