Website Woes

Update: The problem seems to be fixed (fingers crossed)

We’ve been having problems — origin unknown — with the website. Some people (including the people who need to read this) are unable to sign on to the site. We’re working to track down the problem and hope to have it resolved soon. Thanks for your patience as we work on this.

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  1. Brendan on February 21, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    Hey guys,

    Reading the site I do find it sad to hear the people struggling with addiction and even passing away from their problems. My mum was an alcoholic and I became one in my 20’s. I like my mum had severe anxiety and you can even google my name Brendan Jarvis and type in Lateline and find I was on tv regarding the issue. I’m now trying to help others.

    Please don’tsee this as spam but I created a site which is advice I followed to stop drinking. Yes there is a small amount of advertising on the site but I have to pay for it somehow. I’d love you guys to read it and please email me if you would like to talk as I have recovered now and am independent guy. I once was a hopeless unemployed drunk so there is help 🙂