Women-Only LifeRing Meeting to Begin in Vallejo, CA

Starting June 28th, and every Thursday thereafter, a LifeRing meeting just for women will be held at the Kaiser CDRP, 800 Soreno Blvd. in Vallejo. The meetings will be held at 6 p.m. and will have a “how was your week?” format. For further information, contact Susan A. at susanlifering@hotmail.com.

LifeRing recognizes that women often deal with addiction and recovery in somewhat different ways than men. Almost all of our meetings are open to both genders, but just as addicts benefit from interacting with other addicts who share so many of their life experiences, so too do women sometimes prefer interacting with other women, who may understand things from personal experience that men, while they may try hard to understand, simply haven’t gone through.