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Question:  How do online convenors collect meeting donations?

AnswerThey Pass the eHat!

In-person participants donate weekly to support their local meetings. During the LifeRing Summer Splash Fundraiser, we're asking you to please support LifeRing online meetings and meeting management with your recurring contribution


Think of this as LifeRing’s Mid-Year Pass the Hat!

If you attend one or more LifeRing online meetings every week, please consider a tax-deductible monthly donation during our Summer Splash Fundraiser. Not only will your monthly contribution help support your meetings and others like you in recovery – You can write it off on your taxes!

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Your monthly donation makes a big difference! 

LifeRing relies on private donations from people like you. Knowing we can count on your monthly contribution allows us to move forward with confidence – to take proactive steps to bring more meetings to more people in need of LifeRing’s unique brand of recovery support. Priceless!

Recurring donations sound scary

Not at all! You can change or cancel your monthly donation at any time. It’s super easy: Just go to the LifeRing Donate webpage and select Monthly Donation. Add your donation amount to the Custom Amount field and then click Next. Done and done! You can login, edit or cancel your monthly donation at any time.

Why $5? 

Your $5 monthly donation is the equivalent of putting a dollar in the hat for a weekly meeting. Heck, if you contributed $5 at every local meeting, or if you attend more than one LifeRing online meeting weekly, please consider donating a little more.  During meetings, well, you can smile and say “I’m a LifeRing Sustaining Donor. I help make this happen!” (How great does that make you feel?)

Donation button: I support LifeRing!

We put your donation to work!

A dollar still creates a big impact on nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organizations like LifeRing. 

  • We bundle each donation carefully together to cover the cost of meeting materials and meeting management.
  • We purchase new Zoom licenses to support space for our growing number of online meetings.
  • Your donations help us create new and compelling outreach materials to reach more diversified groups of people searching for a strong, secular recovery pathway.
Your generosity gives LifeRing newcomers and long-timers the resources and support they need to celebrate a life free from alcohol and drugs. 


Your Donation Makes a Big Difference!
LifeRing is a volunteer-run organization and is highly dependent on personal contributions from generous donors like you. Please show your support for LifeRing communities with a donation using your credit card, PayPal, or direct deposit.

LifeRing Secular Recovery is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN 94-3267919. All contributions are tax-deductible. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for the contribution.

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