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LifeRing Needs You!

Do you have a an hour to spare? LifeRing has a committee for you!

Over the past year, LifeRing meeting membership has nearly doubled. Over 1000 people turn to LifeRing every week to support their personal recovery plans. Volunteers are often the first point of contact for LifeRing members, active convenor support, and sustaining revenue. Sign up today to make a difference to the growing number of people who rely on LifeRing every day!

Active LifeRing Committees

Specific Volunteer Opportunities are listed here.

Meeting days and times are determined by the Committee Chair. Committee Meetings are held by video conferencing.

  • Finance Committee: Responsible for managing the annual budget, and analyzing data related to incoming and outgoing expenditures. Ensuring that the financial elements of LifeRing are in accord with its vision and mission. Reports monthly accounts to the Board of Directors.
  • Fundraising/Marketing/Communications Committee (FMC):
    • Responsible for managing LifeRing’s donations, developing and implementing fundraising campaigns, identifying available resources and target audiences, and grant writing. Reports monthly activities to the Board of Directors.
    • Marketing is dedicated to advancing the mission and goals of LifeRing through strategic and impactful marketing and public relations initiatives. We strive to raise awareness, foster positive public perception, and build a supportive community for individuals affected by addiction and their families.
    • Communication venues include website announcements, the organization’s blog, quarterly newsletters, PSAs, digital marketing, and social media.
  • Meetings & Convenors Committee (MCC): The MCC oversees online and in-person new and existing meetings. Responsible for creating support resources for meeting convenors and regional coordinators, managing meeting schedules, and maintaining a database of current meetings, including international meetings, the LifeRing forum, email groups, and ePals. Reports monthly meeting changes to the Board of Directors.
  • Outreach Committee: The Outreach Committee aspires to raise awareness about LifeRing Secular Recovery to those who struggle with alcohol and substance use disorder.
  • Tech/Website Committee: This group is dedicated to managing, maintaining, and improving the technological aspects of our website and the various online services we provide to the recovery community.

If you are interested in becoming a LifeRing volunteer please fill out our brief survey below and tell us about your interests, skills, and abilities.

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