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LifeRing Sober October Coffee Break!

By Bees | October 20, 2021

Sober October Coffee Break Zoom Meeting Link

LifeRing Outreach Committee

By The Chief | October 12, 2021

  A Call to Action   COVID has transformed the recovery community with the unprecedented rise in alcohol abuse, substance abuse, and suicide. According to the CDC 93,000 individuals died from an overdose in 2020 alone. There has never been a more important time to raise the voice of the nonprofit, self-help recovery support group.…

Why Is Choice So Important?

By Bees | September 28, 2021

Finding the right recovery pathway is a deeply personal undertaking. What may work for one person may not for another. One of my best friends and running buddy quit drinking and using about a month before I did. He chose the 12-step approach while I embraced Lifering’s secular platform. My choice was right for me.…

LifeRing Migrates to Scotland

By Bees | September 21, 2021

LifeRing is proud to introduce our online “How Was Your Week” meeting originating in Scotland, UK. This meeting is convened by well-traveled Edinburgh native Michael T. Michael writes:   LifeRing has had a profound effect on me that I will always be grateful for. I always feel better after a meeting. There is something unique…

LifeRing’s First Co-occurring Disorders Meeting

By Bees | September 16, 2021

LifeRing is proud to introduce our first Co-occurring Disorders specialty meeting. Pioneer Michele K. convenes this new LifeRing meeting about co-occurring disorders that includes alcohol and other substance disorders and mental and emotional health issues. These specialty meetings are held on Wednesdays at 12:00 pm PST. Michele has been a LifeRing member via Zoom for…


By Melissa White | August 30, 2021

During winter of 2016, in a smoky, dimly-lit garage, I remember Nate scratching these lyrics into a notebook. He would then strum his guitar, change up a few words and refrains, and take a swig from his bottle. I often hung out with the “boys”; we would sing along with the guitars, wax philosophically, laugh,…

¿LifeRing Secular Recovery en el Idioma Español? ¡Si!

By Bees | August 19, 2021

  LifeRing Secular Recovery is proud to introduce our first Spanish language HWYW meeting on Saturdays at 4:00pm Pacific Time beginning August 21st. Please join us in welcoming convenor Alejandro Diaz Guerrero! Born in Mexico and brought up in Inglewood, California, Alejandro is now back in Mexico working as a Spanish medical interpreter. This experience…

Special Meeting: LifeRing Friends & Family

By Bees | August 1, 2021

LifeRing is proud to present a special meeting just for LifeRing friends and families held on the first Saturday of the month at 9:00am Pacific Time. LifeRing Family & Friends Zoom Meeting Link Meeting ID: 939 7702 2125 Passcode: lifering   Our new Family & Friends meeting is open exclusively to LifeRing friends and family…

The Liver Spot Is Growing!

By Bees | July 11, 2021

The Liver Spot LifeRing meeting has captured the attention of UCSF, Stanford and Johns Hopkins to name a few medical centers equipped to meet the physical disruption and challenges caused by substance use disorder. Doctors and nurses and therapists are referring patients to The Liver Spot and our attendance is growing! The Liver Spot is…

LifeRing Summer Newsletter

By Bees | July 1, 2021

Here we are in the full heat of Summer! Lots of awesome things have been happening since the flurries of December. This is an exciting time for LifeRing. We’re adding new meetings, new committees and (at long last) a new LifeRing introductory pamphlet for distribution this month! We held our 2021 Annual Meeting in June…