Regional Representatives Contact Information

Meet the LifeRing Regional Representatives! The specific responsibilities of a LifeRing Regional Representative may vary, but their main role is to serve as a point of contact and support for individuals and groups within their designated region. They act as a liaison between the organization and the local LifeRing groups, providing information, resources, and assistance as needed.

Regional Representatives are responsible for maintaining communication with the local LifeRing groups in their region, and address any inquiries or requests from the groups. They also stay in contact with convenors, co-convenors and other individuals in meeting support roles.

In-Person Meetings Representatives:

Online Meetings Representative:

For Convenor, Co-Convenor and other meeting support sign-up forms, please see Meeting Support Roles.


The primary function of the RR is to act as a communications conduit between the LifeRing Organization on one hand and the convenors within a region on the other. These are some of the tasks performed by regional representatives.

  • Provide information and support for the formation of new meetings

  • Maintain contact with and provide support and info to existing meetings

  • Perform various administrative tasks such as maintaining meeting databases and posted schedules and issuing new meeting charters

  • Facilitate speaker, literature, and other treatment provider requests in areas with an in-person presence