Want to Start a LifeRing Meeting?

To be a Convenor:

  • You need to be someone in recovery with at least six months of continuous sobriety when the meeting starts. Please see the LifeRing Sobriety Policy Statement. 
  • Have some familiarity with LifeRing's ”3-S” philosophy of Sobriety, Secularity, and Self-Help. See here.
  • Cross-talk is an essential part of the  LifeRing approach. Visit a meeting today and see the process in action.
  • "How Was Your Week?" and other important LifeRing books are available in a "Starter Kit" for new convenors. Look here for additional information and special pricing.
  • You need to adhere to the LifeRing Meeting Charter* (See below). A personalized version of this charter will be sent to you once your meeting is up and running.
  • Please be prepared to give us your full name, phone number, where you are located - State and City., and an email address that you monitor frequently and are competent enough to use as needed. We will use this email address to sign you up on the convenor's email list and to send you periodical email announcements and newsletters as they happen.
  • Click here for an overview of LifeRing services.
  • Click here for information about the benefits of becoming a LifeRing Convenor.


*LifeRing Meeting Charter

LifeRing, Inc. hereby grants the (location or Online meeting #) meeting this charter to display the LifeRing logo and to use the name, “LifeRing Secular Recovery,” and any short forms thereof, to promote sobriety, secularity, and self-help. This charter is valid so long as the Meeting remains actively dedicated to these goals. For the duration of this charter, LifeRing Secular Recovery Service Center promises to list the Meeting on the LifeRing meeting list, to notify the Meeting of any publications or events that may affect it, to include the Meeting in the democratic internal decision-making process of LifeRing, Inc. pursuant to the LifeRing Bylaws, and to serve the Meeting’s needs to the best of its ability. In turn, the Meeting promises to keep the LSR Service Center informed of the current name, address, phone number, and if applicable, email address of at least one contact person for the Meeting to notify the Center promptly of any change in its meeting time, place, Internet address if applicable, or description, and to support LifeRing, Inc. financially to the extent the Meeting sees fit. LifeRing, Inc., owner of the LifeRing logo and of the service mark “LifeRing Secular Recovery,” is chartered as a nonprofit corporation to serve people overcoming their substance use challenges and the general public by organizing meetings dedicated to sobriety, secularity, and self-help, and by providing educational information toward that end. By “sobriety,” LifeRing means complete abstinence from alcohol and illicit or non-medically indicated drugs.

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