Did You Know LifeRing is on Social Media?

LifeRing throwing a facebook shaka

One of LifeRing’s greatest successes is our interaction as a community. We’ve extending LifeRing Community platforms to include social media.

LifeRing meetings encourage crosstalk between group members resulting in a deeper understanding of self and personal accountability. This is a rewarding experience, but sometimes you just wanna post up a picture. We get it. We got you!

During the month of February, we showcased long-standing LifeRing interactive support channels you may not have known about. Today, we’re focusing on LifeRing social media outlets. Check it out:

Created in April 2014, r/lifering shares upcoming LifeRing events, personal shares and open dialog among people in recovery. It’s not the biggest sub, but you know the folk there speak your language! 129 active members are starting up a new conversation about “Why Are You a LifeRinger?” Bring your cute little avatar over to r/lifering and tell us why you’re a ‘Lifer! It’s okay. You can bring a friend, too!

What?? LifeRing has their own YouTube channel? You betcha! Now, this is worth exploring further! Don’t miss these gems caught on video:

This is just a sampling of the good things available on the LifeRing Secular Recovery YouTube Channel. Pass the popcorn over here!

Looking for a little inspiration? Pop into the LifeRingWorldWide facebook page! Daily images and supportive posts reach almost 5,500 viewers across the globe. A big shout-out to our very own FaceBrook for keepin’ the beat and keepin’ it strong. Holla!!

LifeRing is also gaining a presence on Twitter. With 1,075 tweets and over 564 followers, Twitter is quickly becoming our most popular social media channel. Come see what everybody’s chirping about!

Our LifeRingRecovery instagram page allows us to connect with so many people instantly. Currently boasting over 127 inspirational images and motivations, Instagram creates a place for our community to reflect, recharge, and interact with us and each other. 

Whatever your social media preference, all LifeRing pages consistently deliver inspiration. Drop in if you “like”. 


Too busy to remember all of these links? No problem!
Just scroll to the bottom of any LifeRing webpage and look at the bottom left corner of LifeRing quick-links for the social media icons. Imagine – All of this is only a click away. Go get your social on!
Questions or comments about LifeRing Social Media can be sent to bcampbell@lifering.org. Thanks, Bobbi!