LifeRing Meetings

In-person Meetings

In-Person Meetings are available in many local communities.

Online Meetings

Online Meetings are regularly scheduled virtual LifeRing meetings, structured in much the same way as LifeRing’s face-to-face meetings. They are hosted by experienced meeting convenors.

International Meetings

Check out LifeRing's international meetings. Find out about the LifeRing experience in other countries.

Email Groups

Private email lists maintained by the LifeRing Service Center through the platform.

LifeRing E-Pals - One-to-One Sobriety Support

New to sobriety or LifeRing?  Not sure about joining a group? There are LifeRing members who can lend a private ear and answer questions via email. If the chats and forum are a bit too intimidating right now, this might be a way of getting the information you need.

Delphi LifeRing Forum

Delphi LifeRing Forum is an online "bulletin board" system where you can read and post information about recovery.