Planning Meetings July 11 & 12

LifeRing’s year-long planning process will begin in earnest Monday, July 11, with a meeting in the LifeRing chat room at 5, and again at 9 PM Pacific on skype and in chat. On Tuesday morning, July 12 we’ll hold another meeting in skype at 6 AM Pacific.

Please join us! This month we’ll be focusing on Foundations: LifeRing’s core and supporting values and the organization’s beliefs.

Your ideas and insights will be invaluable to the planning process. But don’t worry if you miss a meeting… we’ll be posting summaries of audio meetings and transcripts of text meetings, and taking comments throughout the year. Please check the planning web page to read the planning framework, see the schedule and check for updates, and join the LifeRing Planning Group on Yahoo.

You can connect on skype via your computer, or very simply by telephone. We’ve set up a skype name for LifeRing activities: LifeRingUSA. Or simply dial our dedicated skype telephone number: 510-550-5356. International callers may dial +1-510-550-5356. By phoning in, you will be connected via audio with all of the
other participants, regardless whether they have connected via skype or by phone.

But there is some real value for using the skype program from your computer. We’ll be using the conferencing features of skype for many planning activities, and these include chat and sharing links and other web-based resources. You can join skype and participate on your phone for audio, and follow the chat and links on your computer if you like.

I’ll be on skype between 6 PM and 9 PM Pacific on Monday to help people test their skype connections. If that time doesn’t work for you, just contact me and we’ll find a time to work on it together.

If you’ve not yet set up skype, please consider doing so. You’ll get more out of your skype experience if you can follow the skype chat window as well as the voice input. You may wish to purchase a headset with a microphone so that voice is fully integrated with your computer.

Looking forward to a great year of planning!