Welcome to LifeRing

Check out LifeRing's latest book (2019) Humanly Possible Stories of Secular Recovery. If you're looking to get clean and sober or just thinking about it, reading is a good way to learn about recovery. You can start with two books from LifeRing Press: Empowering Your Sober Self - a general introduction to LifeRing, and Recovery by Choice, a Workbook - a guide to help you build an abstinence-based Personal Recovery Program. For those people who want a better understanding of how a LifeRing meeting works you can read How Was Your Week. These books are available at the LifeRing Bookstore.

Looking for a way to help yourself and your community? Start a face-to-face or online LifeRing meeting. We are always looking for motivated people to start new LifeRing meetings. If you are interested, you need to have six months of sobriety and a desire for a challenge in life. Starting a new meeting is not easy, but it can be a rewarding experience, both for yourself and others. Click here for more information about starting a LifeRing meeting.

Get Involved

LifeRing is a volunteer-run organization that is highly dependent on our member's generous donation of their resources and time. There are many ways that you can get involved with LifeRing: donating money, volunteering your time on a committee, or convening a LifeRing meeting. Consider "Service" as the 4th "S" and share with us your time and energy to help support LifeRing.