We’re Rooting For You!

photos of people rooting on LifeRing membersIt's Dry January! Whether you're exploring your sobriety or committed to a life free from alcohol and drugs, LifeRing is rooting for you!

LifeRing is posting articles relevant to the Dry January movement throughout the remainder of the month. Here's a quick one with words of encouragement for all who challenge their relationship with alcohol.

Below is a clip from the  December 28th Recovery Elevator Newsletter article holiday sobriety and a pitch for Recovery Elevator's intensive REstore course for alcohol restoration written by Odette Cressler. This article includes the following paragraph that captures the essence of support offered in LifeRing meetings and in our eGroups.

If you are hurting and struggling this week, we are here for you. If you are white knuckling sobriety this week, we are here for you. If you are happily sober this week, we are here for you. If you are doing field research this week, we are here for you. No matter what, we are here for you, rooting for you and thinking of you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! ... [W]e believe that we are all trying the best that we can. .....

Odette Cressler, It's the last week of the year!
Originally posted in the December 28th Recovery Elevator Newsletter

Whether you're testing out sobriety during Dry January, or committed to a lifetime of abstinence, LifeRing Recovery offers a wide variety of support options to get you through the tough times and to reinforce the good:

Check-ins:  How Was Your Week? Focus on this and upcoming weeks

Topic:  Discussions of sober-related topics depending on interest of group

Focus: Recovery meetings for people with specific commonalities

Online:  Virtual meetings; focus on discussion varies

In-person:  On location group meetings; focus on discussion varies

Hybrid:  Face-to-Face and online combined; focus of discussion varies

EGroups:  Email group messaging operating much like a 24/7 online meeting

ePals:  Volunteers work one-on-one to help you navigate LifeRing's resources

Delphi Forum:  LifeRing's confidential online discussion board

We're Rooting for You!


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