What is LifeRing?

How does LifeRing work?

What is the LifeRing program?

What is the LifeRing meeting format?

Where can I find out more information about LifeRing?

Is LifeRing affiliated with another organization, or is it a subsidiary of something else?

How is LifeRing financed?

Who runs LifeRing?

How come I've never heard of LifeRing before?

How successful is LifeRing?

Can friends and loved ones of alcoholics/addicts attend LifeRing?

Is LifeRing a 12-step program?

If I attend LifeRing, can I also go to AA/NA?

Is LifeRing a treatment program?

Does LifeRing have sponsors?

Do I have to call myself an "alcoholic" or "addict" in LifeRing?

What about smoking?

Are the meetings confidential?

Is LifeRing only for alcoholics?

Is LifeRing mainly for atheists or agnostics?

Does LifeRing cost anything?

How is LifeRing similar to AA or NA?

How is LifeRing different from AA/NA?

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