365 Attaboys

by Steve C.

Posting to “fish for attaboys” on his first sobriety anniversary, Steve recites a long list of things he hasn’t experienced for 365 days — no traffic tickets, no meaningless apologies, no rages at the family, no mysterious ATM withdrawal slips …

Steve out of San Jose, the consummate lurker here. I just thought I’d send in a message to fish some attaboys. I attained one year of sobriety yesterday, 21 Sep 1998.

No blackouts for 365 consecutive days. I’ve been able to find my car every morning, parked right outside for 365 consecutive days. Not so much as a traffic ticket for 365 days. No meaningless apologies to the wife, kids, and bartender in the morning for 365 days. I have woken up warm and cozy in my own bed for 365 consecutive days. I haven’t found dozens of ATM slips in my wallet that had seriously depleted my funds for 365 consecutive days. No urine or crap in my pants for 365 days. No broken noses, bloody clothes, or black eyes for 365 days. No jail cells for 365 days. No serious arguments with the wife, no storming out of the house, no threating of break-ups in my marriage for 365 days. No two hour long lectures to crying and scared kids for 365 days. No downing of 5 or 6 aspirin in the morning for 365 days. My stomach has settled down for about I’d say only 200 or so days, it took a while. No blank spots in my mind for 365 days. No memories being told to me for 365 days. No holes punched in the wall, kicks in the doors, broken windows, or door jambs for 365 days. No fondling of a shotgun to my mouth for 365 days. No waking up and walking through a mine field of broken glass, tossed furniture, or drywall dust for 365 days. No wasted days to hangovers for 365 days. A whole year and none of this has occurred. Wow.

Please excuse me now as I climb up on a huge pink cloud I see coming my way.

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Posted 21 Sept. 98