A Chance to Start Over

By Shirlee B.

[Don wrote: Plus, I tend to get angry more than I liked and that is a drag and so I did not want to practice getting mad.]


I stumbled across this myself just recently only it has more to do with why I am “sad” rather than “mad”. Why keep dredging up this old anger stuff and negativity, then write it down and share it with more people, and reinforce it. Lucky you were thrown out. 🙂

If I want to learn to be a more positive person I have to “act as if I am a positive person”.. So I decided a few days ago to just try to keep my writing and thoughts centered on the “glad” occasions and practice writing out positive statements about my life and myself. And it is amazing what a battle it is to do this. I have to chuck out almost all the past 52 years of seeing everything as what I “can’t” do, what I am “not allowed to do”, start over, and now proceed with what I “can” do.

Being sober has given me a chance to start my life over; not to redo sober what I did while drinking, but to have a whole new way of doing everything. Now before I censor what I just wrote and start hearing in my head about punctuation not being right, and what are “they” going to think, it’s not good enough, etc, etc., yada, yada, yada…. I will send this off.


Posted 5 June 1998