A Doctor Who “Gets it” About Offering Choice in Recovery

Recovery by ChoiceA recent article in ASAMagazine, an online publication that bills itself as “The Voice of Addiction Medicine” features words that are music to the ears of those who believe in the need for doctors and treatment professionals to offer real choices to their patients and clients.

“I have seen many of my colleagues view 12-step recovery as the only option to offer their patients,” say the author, Dr. Alan Wartenberg, an internal medicine doctor specializing in addiction treatment, “we do know that many of our patients are resistant to 12-step concepts such as surrender, a belief in the lifetime nature of addiction, and to the importance of spiritual precepts or of a “Higher Power” in recovery.”

“Many non 12-step programs are available,” says Dr. Wartenberg, “… these programs are abstinence-based and may be appropriate for many of our patients who will either not initially attend, or do not remain in 12-step programs.”

Dr. Wartenberg is himself a proponent of AA as the first choice for his patients, but clearly understands that it’s not for everyone. Read the entire article by clicking here