A LifeRing Keeper: “I’m not Wrong, I’m not Insane, I’m not Powerless”

A recent post from a LifeRing email group sums up the experience of many upon finding LifeRing:

Empowering Your Sober Self    Without being too dramatic, my childhood years were pretty traumatic.  I was shuttled around from orphanage to orphanage, foster home to foster home, till I was in my teens.  The resounding message that I received from all of that — sometimes verbally, sometimes physically — was that there was something wrong with me.
    Fast forward  many years, to when I realized I was an alcoholic and I found myself in the midst of a 12-step program.  The resounding message from that program was that there was something wrong with me.  I was powerless, I was insane, I was….”wrong.”
    Even after 20+ years clean and sober, a happy marriage, building a successful business, good, quality relationships, I still kept getting the message that something was wrong with me….I was powerless, insane, and more.
    Fast forward to just a few weeks ago when I discovered LifeRing.  I got the book “Empower Your Sober Self” as a gift, and while reading that book…it’s like EVERYTHING just came together.  And, even though I’ve always been one to smile, I’m smiling bigger than ever because I feel like this great burden has been lifted off of my shoulders.  I’m not wrong, I’m not insane, I’m not powerless…I’m just “me”….and it’s the best feeling I’ve felt in a long time.
    — Rick G.