Abstinence Assists

   Contributed by a member of the Santa Rosa CA LifeRing meeting

These thoughts and actions have helped some achieve abstinence.  They may, or may not, be suitable for you.

1. Change mind set to one of a non-drinker/user.  This is easier said than done.  Consider how it’s helped quarterbacks, amputees, etc.  (Psychocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.)

2.  Write out your plan for recovery.  (Recovery by Choice)

3.  Set Goals.  (Should be realistic, specific, and have timetable.)
            (a)  Health — not using/drinking, quit smoking, lose weight, work out, change diet
            (b)  Occupation — improve job skills, learn new skills, learn a new field
            (c)  Education — read a book, study an interesting subject, learn a language, go to the J.C.
            (d)  Financial

4.  Change social setting.
             (a)  Move
             (b)  Avoid hanging with the old crowd
             (c)  Develop new clean and sober relationships

5.  Develop new interests.
              (a)  Start new hobbies
              (b) Pick-up old ones not addiction-related
              (c) Do volunteer work