Applause for the Struggling

By Gregg F.

Hi all, I just ran a 5K race this morning. The same race I wanted to run for the past two years. The same race I passed in my car last Labor Day, racing to the bar to get there as soon as it opened. A knot in my gut made worse by viewing the happy faces of the runners.

Something can be learned by me from the runners. It seems the people that struggled the most got the most support, cheers and applause. No one was judged because they didn’t train harder, thus improving their performance. No, everyone was cheered on just the same for being in the race — actually a social run for most.

I think staying sober might be like running. Some of us alcoholically challenged may have an actual talent for staying sober, while for others it is a lot more difficult. I think that from now on I should applaud those even more that are having a difficult time, for there is a lot to say for someone just for being in the race. The motive for being there or the amount of training doesn’t matter, but what matters is that they are with me in the same endeavor.

Those of us that have been doing really well for a long period of time stumble and get back up and go again should really be cheered for it is a challenge to begin again from this new perspective.

Marianne, I raise my diet soda to you this morn and say three cheers to ya. Three cheers to all of us.

Gregg F.