Court Mandated Referrals to Support Groups Highlighted in Two Articles

Here are a couple of links to articles dealing with "choice in recovery" and court-mandated attendance at support meetings. One deals with a LifeRing member's effort to ensure that people referred to treatment by the courts and other public agencies in Sonoma County, California, are told of all recovery support groups available on an equal basis. LifeRing itself has not been involved in such efforts, but we watch them closely and many of our members are strong supporters of the principle that those mandated to support meetings should have a clear say in which organization they must attend. Read about the changes brought about by the persistence of one person by clicking Here .

And read a more general discussion of court-mandated referrals to AA in this article <> from the newly revived website The, a site devoted to news and articles of interest to all involved in recovery.

-- Craig Whalley


  1. JeffK on November 28, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    The Fix article does make one wonder if any group is better off, or worse off, by having hoardes of mandated offenders directed to its meetings.