How Far I Have Come

By Sy S.

Hi to everyone! I was three on Friday!! I would have written then, but the mail server I subscribe to went down. I have had my ups and downs, but my quality of life has changed out of all proportion!!!

I still WELCOME each new day, gone is the dread that each new day brought with it when I was drinking, no more sky about to fall on my head, no more DT’s, and those rats tails I kept seeing everywhere (you know the ones!).

No more of that little man hitting me over the head with a lump hammer each morning. No more hiding away, no sitting in out-of-the way places to drink alone, no more of looking at other people and wondering if I could lead a normal life.

I never thought I’d make it, but life does not stop, it carries on.

Hang in there, don’t ever take your eyes off of that Priority: Keep Sober.

Nothing is ever worth going back to that dark lonely landscape, littered with the tortured corpses of millions who didn’t make it. I see the horizon, but I don’t aim for it, I enjoy the landscape around me, I walk my path, there are days when I can look back and see a clear view, and see how far I have come…

Posted 3/27/99