If Alcohol Were Discovered Today, Would it be Legal?

An article from the website Alternet.com discusses a new book just published: Drugs Without the Hot Air, by British author David Nutt  (2012 UIT Cambridge). In the book, the author asks the reasonable question of how our society would handle alcohol if it were to appear suddenly as a street drug. An excerpt from the book:

A terrifying new “legal high” has hit our streets. Methyl-carbonol, known by the street name “wiz,” is a clear liquid that causes cancers, liver problems, and brain disease, and is more toxic than ecstasy and cocaine. Addiction can occur after just one drink, and addicts will go to any lengths to get their next fix – even letting their kids go hungry or beating up their partners to obtain money. Casual users can go into blind rages when they’re high, and police have reported a huge increase in crime where the drug is being used. Worst of all, drinks companies are adding “wiz” to fizzy drinks and advertising them to kids like they’re plain Coca-Cola. Two or three teenagers die from it every week overdosing on a binge, and another 10 from having accidents caused by reckless driving. “Wiz” is a public menace – when will the Home Secretary think of the children and make this dangerous substance Class A?

The article goes on to cite some very alarming statistics from Great Britain, where, like everywhere else, society seems to be in denial about alcohol’s destructive impact. Don’t miss this article — find it HERE. The book discussed is available from Amazon.com for $12.20.