LifeRing Member Pens “Choice of Support” Article in Online Magazine

A member of, and  convenor for, LifeRing has written an article that was published in “Secular News Daily,” an online magazine. The article, entitled  “When it comes to Sobriety, a Choice of Support” was written by Byron Kerr, who has started several LifeRing meetings in the Santa Rosa, CA, area and is now concentrating his efforts near San Jose, CA. The article imagines a drunk driver being dealt with by the justice system and being offered only AA for the support group component of the treatment required as part of his punishment  — something that happens every day in this country. The article goes on to point out that required attendance at a religion-based treatment program is inherently unconstitutional, egregiously so when alternative groups — equally effective, at least — are available. Kerr has wrestled with local governments over this issue in the Sonoma Country area of California. Read the article Here.