Message from a LifeRing Convenor

One of LifeRing’s convenors writes:

Tonight’s meeting was just one of those wonderful gatherings in which I felt tremendous love and connectedness with each person present.

A member with 11 months’ sobriety convened the meeting. It’s such a joy to see the transformation that has taken place in him, as he moved from viewing sobriety as a straitjacket to really unfurling his sober wings.

We discussed the importance of continually examining our sober foundation. We agreed that if we build our sober structure on a foundation of anger, resentment, wistfulness, lack of self-honesty, an unbalanced life, then even the slightest gust of wind could be enough to topple that structure. People gave examples of ways in which they blasted off parts of their sober foundation that they found did not serve them well, and replaced it with something that truly supported their sober lives.

I felt the love of those who truly understood my struggles. I felt gifted by a generosity I never experienced prior to my recovery.

It hasn’t always been a rose garden, but my decision to become a convenor, rooted in the purely selfish need for a viable f2f alternative to AA, has been one of the greatest joys I’ve known.