Quick Instructions for Finding and Entering a Video Meeting   

Please Note:  All meeting times are set up in Pacific Time Zone

  • Meetings are free and open to the public. There is no need to make prior arrangements or set up an appointment.
  • Click on the gray bar to expand the day of the week you are interested in.
  • To attend a meeting, click on the orange active link (Meeting ID). Once the meeting link is clicked, you will then be sent to the Zoom website or to a Zoom app (depending on what is installed on your device) where the meeting will take place. The meeting will start once the Convenor (host) opens up the meeting to the attendees. 
  • For meetings without an active link, email the convenor for instructions if an email address is provided.
  • Remember, the meeting room will only be active during the listed days and times. There are no 24-hour video meetings.
  • Look here for additional help: https://lifering.org/online-meetings/online-meeting-help/.
  • Online Meeting Schedule
  • Verification of Attendance for an Online Meeting