Out of Town In a Motel

By Joe B.

Hi all, I just went through the out-of-town-stay-in-a-motel thing for work.  My boss and I went out for dinner and I had Coke while he polished off at least 6 Corbin’s and water. It’s a new job (3 weeks) and I’ve mentioned it several times when the conversation got to drinking that I haven’t done that in 10 months now.

No big deal when we went for cocktails beforehand, he ordered his and said ‘You don’t drink, do you?’ to me as I ordered my Coke. “Not anymore” was all I could think of, but it must have been enough to get the message across because it never entered the conversation again.

On the way to find the hotel after our customer call was done and he was mentioning having a few drinks someplace and then getting something to drink, I had the strongest urge to just have a few I have ever had in a long long time. ‘What the heck, we’re out of town, no one will ever know, etc.’ was raging through my head.

Then when I got my room there was this nice little 2-glass complimentary bottle of Gallo sitting there. I thought about drinking it for a while, then changed my mind and decided to steal it instead and show my girlfriend what a hellian I am! I gave it to her, it fit nicely almost to the top of a large wine tumbler and she drank half and left the rest sitting there!

I don’t believe I have ever done that in my life, if it’s opened it needs drank, right? Instead it got poured out the next morning and I felt a tiny satisfaction that I’d passed some sort of test again.

I’ll be on the road a lot in this new job, so I’m so glad I was able to fight off that initial intense urge to just go ahead and have a few with the boss since we are outta town.

Setting that precedent right off the bat will make it easier for the next time I’m sitting in a hotel room looking at the wine or 50 mls of booze with no one to know but myself.

Another point that went through my head was that if I did drink a few I’d have a hard time telling you all about it, and I have enough going through my head with the new job to have to worry about anything new.

Posted 4/17/99