Survival In the Air

by Carolyn, Bob, Alice, Leigh, Mark, Marianne & Carol.

I have been on vacation in Gulfport and everything has been going good. I’ve had no urges to drink, etc., even while in the casino. But when thinking of returning to Florida, the thoughts hit me about drinking when I get on the airplane, etc. I’ve been trying to think them through but I am concerned.

Any advice??


Just don’t, no matter what!


Try this! When you get on the plane put all your cash in the bottom of a carry-on bag and stash it in the back of an overhead bin that is about three rows away!!

When the stewards come by the inconvenience should overcome the urge to purchase something.

Alice 🙂

What a great idea! or better yet, put your cash in with the baggage that you checked. Then you’ll really be inconvenienced! Sometimes I keep sweets in the trunk of my car rather than in my apartment because once I get started on them, bringing the whole container to the table to eat is very easy, but if I have to go get them out of the car, it doesn’t seem worth the effort.


Carolyn, Bring a really good book to read during the flight. (I couldn’t read when I was drinking). Call somebody right before your flight. Got any {sobriety} reading material with you? You could read that on the plane. Keep talking it through in your head. You know where drinking gets you. Think the drink through. Everyone in the group is waiting for you to return sober and healthy….and richer???? Call me if you need to talk.


Carol, carry bottled water with you. One more bottle than you think you’ll need. Flavored, if your prefer. Treat yourself to one of those insulated lunch box bags and bum a Ziploc bag to put ice cubes in so you can keep the small bottles cold. Don’t know how you feel about soft drinks, but ask for two glassfuls at a time — they don’t come by all that often these days!


I really liked the responses I got, I thought about what Alice wrote about, putting my money somewhere else. It kind of took me when I read that, because I was amazed that I hadn’t thought of that myself. I guess that’s why everyone is here on the list. I took a newspaper on the plane with me and thought about how miserable it would be if I had a drink because I would be riding in a “shared limo,” knowing that I couldn’t “have another one” until I got home. Could you image riding with a bunch of strangers for a hour or two, right after having just “one” beer. That would be torture. Anyway, had a diet coke and enjoyed talking to a young girl beside me. She was from New Orleans and told me she had been shot at the age of 14 from a drive by. We were talking about the crime rate there.

I also made a little over $400.00.

See everyone Friday night in St. Pete


Carolyn, All: I too, want to thank everyone as I am going on a flight in a few weeks and had been wondering the same thing as Carolyn. I’m glad she asked and also glad for the responses. I shall print out the responses and keep them for when I have to fly. (I hate flying.)

Thanks, Carol

Posted 5/22-5/27/98