The best thing that happened

By Joy H.

There are forces out there messing with me big time…

Yesterday, started off morning bad with various little things — I woke up with a stiff neck (rare for me), got an electrical shock on the way to work, got to work to process month-end and all the copy machines broke on me, one at a time.

Then found out IRS decided to seize my refund this year because of two ex husband’s returns.

At lunch I got a phone call from the Police Dept that my 17- yr. old son was picked up for truancy (missed 13 days of school) and he had marijuana on him (he’s living with his father right now).

Then, when leaving police dep’t., my car died. Had $60 in bank, thank goodness only a battery, so had enough to cover it.

Then I get home to find a letter in the mail stating I owe a finance company $12,583 for a voluntary repo on a vehicle last year.

When I went to turn in to bed, went to bathroom and it was the coup de grace, perfect end to perfect day – NO toilet paper!

Not sure exactly what kept me from falling off the wagon, but that was the best thing that happened to me yesterday. I didn’t drink.

But frankly, don’t know how much more I can take. So for all of us, when we have bad days, just remember to tap that inner strength and DON’T DRINK NO MATTER WHAT!

Posted 3/2/99