The Most Positive Action I Have Ever Taken

By Lorne L.

[Lynn posted that she was one day sober.]

Hey, Greetings Lynn and welcome aboard the good ship RECOVERY!!

One day – that’s just great. You know, Lynn, we all have just one day – today. The past is history and the future isn’t here so now is what we have. It takes great courage to make the decision to quit drinking. You have made the choice. That’s the big one and you’ve done it. The rest will fall into place with honesty and determination.

Really, though, you just have to do it for now. The decision I made to quit drinking has been the life-saving, most positive action I have ever taken. When I quit, the game was over for me. The doctor told me that continued drinking would see me dead in less than 2 years. My mind was a mess, my marriage was nearly done and my employer was really upset with me. You see, I was a deputy sheriff and a drunk in that business is bad, bad news. Near the end I remember sitting in a sheriff’s vehicle I had driven to some isolated alley and seriously contemplating using the service revolver – well that’s kind of hard to think about.

But I didn’t and today I am sober and I tell you it’s the greatest feeling to have. My employer helped me and as I got sober my mental and physical health improved each day. My marriage stayed and we just had our 27th anniversary. Yes, Lynn, there’s lots of feelings and emotions but, as a great American statesman once said, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”.

As I look back now, when I was in my early days of sobriety, what I was afraid of was being afraid. The emotions and feelings I learned to understand by sharing with others just like me. Sobriety is a great thing, Lynn, you learn to live free from booze and drugs. You learn to live with dignity as a person worthy of the best you can do.

I have said to a few people on this list that no one has any more right to recovery than anyone else. We are all people wanting the same thing – a decent and happy life. It does happen – it does!! I have seen it happen in many lives. Just stick around and use this list. I just recently discovered it and think it is the best thing in recovery I have seen for a long time.

I could only tell you my story, Lynn, I hope, in some small way it helped. I have been sober now since 1986. Take care, Lynn, tomorrow is another ‘1 day’. Use this list and feel free to contact me anytime.

A friend in sobriety,